Gifts & Souvenirs

Giving your guests a little something to take home besides the experience at your event can make a huge difference to your event.

Which is why we also provide the following at our events:


We provide :

  • designing
  • material sourcing
  • packaging

Lucky draw

Our lucky draw comprises of electronic items, high end beauty products, luxury holiday vouchers, & etc. You can allow us to do the shopping and sourcing for you.

We provide :

  • Gift wrapping
  • Labeling

Goodie bags

We pack and organize your goodie bags in big or small quantity. Goodie bag can make an attractive take home.

We provide:

  • Design
  • Sourcing for goodies

Photo Op

Photo op can be set up for all event types along with backdrop. Suitable for all ages, your guests will remember the moment they have to strike a pose for an event. This will certainly gives your guests and participants a lasting memory of an event.

We provide :

  • photo printing
  • frame
  • photographer

Trophies & Certificates

Trophies & Certificates make a good reward for participants.

We also do in-house certificate printing for all attendees which is guaranteed ready by the end of an event.



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