Gala Dinner






A gala dinner should be an occasion to be remembered, an experience that amazes you. We will not be contended just serving you a delightful menu if you do not enjoy the atmosphere and the night. Therefore Ecopia has continuously challenged itself to deliver a better experience by providing the perfect ambience that matches any theme of the glitzy night.

We provide:

  • Entertainers & Emcees
  • Stage, backdrop & photo wall
  • Sound & Lights
  • Projection & screens
  • Launch Gambits
  • Decorations
  • Photography & Video
  • Pre-event activities
  • Etc…

Thematic Dining

It is one of Ecopia’s forte when it comes to selecting a theme for you. We strive to bring you a travel experience to places around and out of this world just by taking a walk into our event. Whether it is falling autumn leaves in Japan or Chanel runway show you’d like to experience, we can make it happen. You’d be amazed by how we spin a simple ballroom to look almost unrecognizable and simply fabulous.

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