Environmental Issues : Mangrove Planting

Mangrove Planting

This is an activity where volunteers plant mangrove saplings in mangrove forests that is affected by pollution and shrimp farming. Mangrove forest is important to the country and t he environment as it provides resources for coastal community and it acts as a natural barrier against tsunami.

RM80.00 per person*

We provide:

  • Tools and equipments
  • Commemorative plaque

Hands on Lifestyle Projects

Come and bond with your colleagues with fun projects that will also meet your CSR objectives.The result of your t sam work will reward under privilege children with a bicycle or even a nice bench!

We provide:

  • Customized programs such as Bicycle Assembling, etc.
  • All tools and materials needed
  • Facilitators
  • Recommendation of charities and non profit organizations as recipients

Hunger Relief

This is an activity where volunteers come together to raise funds and pack hunger relief provisions to be donated to the less fortunate

We provide:

  • Hunger Relief Provisions
  • Materials & Equipments
  • Venue Management


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