About Ecopia

ECOPIA is into paranoid planning, flawless execution, uncommon ideas and doing it cost effectively.

We are a full-service Event Management Agency providing total event solutions since 2003. Our clientele list consists of top Multinational Corporations listed in Fortune 500 with operations in Asia Pacific.

Ecopia is particularly good with top-flight corporate events such as incentive trips, annual kick-off meetings & conferences, corporate rejuvenation & team building, stage & presentation management, sales & dealers conventions, and extraordinary gala dinners with unusual, creative themes and pre-dinner activities.

We indulge in paranoid planning to the point of being anal so that every event is executed flawlessly. But, if the unthinkable happens and an emergency occurs, you will see the best of us in action with every single member of the team moving at light speed to ensure the show goes on. Isn’t that ironic :)

Our aim is to relentlessly outdo every single event we have ever done, no matter how pleased our client was or how favorably we rate our own achievement.

Is it possible to continually do a better and more creative job every single time and execute it cost effectively? Yes, provided we challenge our own self-imposed, self-limiting psychological conditioning, stay constantly fresh through new learning while vigilantly pursuing new ideas and the latest technological possibilities.

And maybe, just maybe, that explains why over 90% of our annual revenue comes from repeat business – which has been the case since we first started. And we say this not as to brag but with trepidation because we don’t take promises lightly.

Welcome to the Ecopia Experience.

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