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Ecopia’s Hoteliers’ Soiree 2014

Ecopia's Hoteliers' Soiree 2014

This time around, it is our very own exclusive event that will be taking place! Our  Hoteliers’ Soiree 2014 is a special event hosted by Ecopia to bring together and show our appreciation for the hoteliers we have worked will. Definitely, we would be inviting prospective hoteliers too! Hoteliers can take this opportunity to mingle […]

L’Oreal Malaysia 2014 Annual Dinner and Dance

L'Oreal Malaysia 2014 Annual Dinner and Dance

Have you ever seen 900 brides gathered in one place? No? Then let this annual dinner and dance by L’Oreal Malaysia take your breath away! This year’s exceptional theme; ‘Four Weddings and A Party’ would be filled with a night of exciting activities, games, entertainments, prizes to win and chances of falling in love! L’Oreal […]

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